Copper Cookware

So you see the famous cooks on television and you wonder why almost all of them use copper cookware.  Is copper cookware only for the stars, or is it fit for regular cooks, too?  Even if you think you’ve made up your mind, you should read these pros and cons of copper cookware.  The superior heat distribution and conductivity of the copper cookware make it the leading candidate among cookware options.

Ever wondered why it’s copper electricians use?  Copper conducts electricity and heat like no other metal.  When used in cookware, the copper material reduces heating time and overall cook time for your meal, while cooking evenly. The copper surfaces of the pots and saucepans are a breeze to clean.  Even though you cannot put them in the dishwasher, you’ll have no complaints for the clean up time involved. Finally, copper cookware has a classic, ever-popular look.  You will want to display your copper cookware for all to see.  Everyone will be convinced that you must be a professional cook when they see your cookware.

There are downsides to copper cookware, however.  Copper is the most expensive type of cookware.  For many people, it’s simply out of their price range.  It’s also extremely heavy, the heaviest of cookware.  These are two major downsides to copper sets. But the most striking downside of all is that what you buy isn’t necessarily the same product that you’ll have in months or years.  Even though copper cookware is so heavy, it is easily dented.  Scratches too will mar your once perfect pots.  And if you cook acidic meals frequently, the inner lining of the pot will tarnish as the metal is leached into your meal.  This effect can even be toxic.  In this case, you must find an expert for specialized polishing and repair. In many ways, copper can be the best cookware, superior to the other choices in many ways.  Before you make your purchase decision, it’s important to keep in mind both the pros and the cons of this material.  For some, it can be a very good decision, for others, it would be a poor choice and one they would regret.