Cooking Utensils Unveiled.

Every good chef needs the right tools.  Get tips on selecting and buying quality cooking utensils, and see what a difference high-quality tools can make.  Say goodbye to melted spatulas, broken spoons, and bent whisks and invest in new utensils ! !  Your food will thank you.  You can read more about Cooking Utensils by going to:

These are the essentials. 

1.  Start with a few wooden spoons, a flexible rubber spatula, a vegetable peeler and a pair of tongs.tongs






2.  Choose sturdy utensils of decent quality. Better ones will last a lifetime.

3.  Add to the essentials with a ladle, slotted and regular serving spoons, a metal spatula and a whisk.whisk220px-schneebesen1




4.  Make sure wooden utensils are sanded smooth and have nothing that could splinter off into your food.


5.  Check for solid attachments in utensils such as whisks and tongs that are put together from several pieces. Cheaper ones will eventually come undone.

6.  Choose only wooden or rubber-coated utensils for use with nonstick cookware.